The Good Employer Matrix


The Good Employer Matrix (GEM) 

Supported by research that better workplace environments create higher retention, higher customer satisfaction, growth, revenue, and ultimately good jobs, the GEM is an easy to use application that will provide users with a score and lever points that can improve a company’s ability to create good jobs.  

The GEM will be used in collaboration with small business owners and our ecosystem of partners, like capital providers, workforce development partners, and public–private partnerships. This initial intake of data will be supported by an ongoing feedback loop to design a scalable product to further our mission across the country. 

Thus, we have developed the Good Employer Matrix (GEM) to gain a holistic picture of our companies’ job creation, and directly apply the lessons we have learned after supporting hundreds of entrepreneurs in the Bay Area in order to promote good employment practices nationwide.

GEM 2.0

Today, we recognize the GEM as an opportunity to significantly scale our impact by influencing industry approaches to workforce development and impact investing, and providing a meaningful tool for entrepreneurs far beyond our immediate network.

ICA Fund Good Jobs is now developing the GEM into a free, easy to use web-based scorecard that will provide companies with a score and lever points to improve job quality and access. The GEM will define what it means to be a good employer in a way that is independent, comprehensive, transparent, and dynamic. As a peer-to-peer comparison tool, entrepreneurs will be able to see how they align with their industries and geographical regions. As an objective measurement tool, lenders will be able to quickly identify socially responsible investment opportunities in a way that is supported by research and practical application.


  • is independent, comprehensive, transparent and dynamic
  • defines what it means to be a Good Employer
  • provides a framework for assessing and ranking Good Employers
  • tracks employment practices across industry and geography
  • provides a single data repository for tracking good employer data
By participating in the GEM you agree to the GEM Participant Alpha Agreement.  (the GEM Alpha is now closed)

By participating in the GEM you agree to the GEM Participant Alpha Agreement

(the GEM Alpha is now closed)


Good Employer Resources

If you're not quite ready to take the GEM or are just looking for some additional information, check out our GEM Resource Page