Back to the Roots Teams Up with Carmelo Anthony

Exciting news out of Oakland (and New York!):

Our very first investment company, Back to the Roots, has just teamed up with NBA All Star Carmelo Anthony to promote healthy eating in New York City schools as part of its #TakeBackBreakfast campaign! The company's cereals which come, in four flavors and feature a maximum of four ingredients, will be available to more than one million kids in the New York City school system.

We've worked with Back to the Roots since their beginning. In fact, in 2014, Fund Good Jobs was the first investor the company which last year secured a $10,000,000 Series A funding. We're extremely proud of Alejandro and Nikhil and the entire Back to the Roots team – their growth, vision, and values – and we're even more excited to see where their journey takes them.