Sean Murphy Selected as Aspen Institute Fellow

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I am proud to announce that I have been selected as a Job Quality Fellow by the Aspen Institute. I deeply appreciate the Aspen Institute's intention and focus on the topic of good jobs. 

Good Jobs have been at the core of our organization for over 20 years, and I have had the great privilege of leading our efforts to invest in and support high-potential, good job-creating businesses. We have funded these businesses not only to create good jobs, but also to improve the health, wealth, and happiness of their employees and their families. 

I’m extremely grateful to the Aspen Institute for bringing the good jobs conversation to a national platform. 

However, I also recognize that simply discussing job quality is not enough. Today, we must address the growing pace of disparity across our nation head on. It's not just about being able to pay the bills or visit the doctor. It's about having the economic freedom to make choices, take risks, and pursue a rewarding life for you and your family.

However, I also recognize that simply discussing job quality is not enough. 

And so my hope for the Quality Jobs Fellowship at the Aspen Institute is that we keep an eye on the freedom that good jobs can lead to. I hope my fellows and I will commit to sharing real-time insights and solutions, listen to the needs of the various constituents we serve, and mobilize together to truly lift up our communities.   

Personally, I’m not interested in thought leadership. I'm interested in bridging gaps and getting smarter to meet the needs of small businesses so they can benefit our communities. I have the honor of pursuing my work in Oakland, a Town built on a history of relentlessly addressing society’s toughest problems.

Oakland is our innovation lab, and our hard-earned lessons can be a platform upon which we can build a national movement. 

In the words of Marshawn Lynch, I look forward to bringing a perspective that is all “about that action” to this fellowship. 

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– Sean Daniel Murphy

– Sean Daniel Murphy