ICA Fund Good Jobs, an intern's perspective.

by Claudia Reyes, ICA Fund Good Jobs 2017-2018 intern

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ICA Cristo Rey Academy is an all-girls high school that has a distinct program called the Corporate Work Study Program which gives every girl at ICA Cristo Rey Academy the opportunity to work as an intern throughout their four years of high school. The Corporate Work Study Program is unique because it allows all the young women at ICA Cristo Rey Academy to gain work experience without missing any classes. ICA Cristo Rey Academy partners with many sponsors, including ICA Fund Good Jobs, to give girls at the school the incredible opportunity to go out into the work field and gain work experience that they can use in the future, all while offsetting the cost of tuition. All the students at ICA Cristo Rey Academy work five days a month at a job that they were assigned to at the beginning of the school year, and I was fortunate enough to be placed at ICA Fund Good Jobs for my junior year.

From letft: Dianna Tremblay, Michelle Nalerio, Claudia Reyes, and Caron Gugssa-Howard.

From letft: Dianna Tremblay, Michelle Nalerio, Claudia Reyes, and Caron Gugssa-Howard.

Prior to working at ICA Fund Good Jobs, in my sophomore year I interned at a much bigger office. Transitioning to working in a  smaller setting was difficult at first because I went from having my own desk and room to working in a communal office space and working at a table in the middle of the room. I adjusted quickly to this and it was great that I got the opportunity to work in an office environment that I was not used to, since it’s good to have new experiences. I also had to adjust to working with fewer coworkers. I went from having thirty plus coworkers to only having about ten at ICA Fund Good Jobs. Having only a few coworkers was good though because it gave me the opportunity to become comfortable with them and get to know them quickly. The family atmosphere in the office also made it easier to adapt to working in a new setting because everyone in the office was kind to me and always treated me as one of their coworkers rather than a temporary intern.

Overall, I have had a very positive experience working my junior year at ICA Fund Good Jobs. My coworkers have been very welcoming and have taken the time to train me to do the tasks that they assigned me to do. I like that I was given a considerable amount of responsibility and I was able to learn a lot of new things, like using the Salesforce database and Google applications. I was made to feel like the work I was doing mattered since I was given due dates and the work that I did in Google Sheets was oftentimes used and edited by other coworkers later on. The people I have worked with have also made my work experience great because they have been very kind to me and have taken the time to train me with tasks I wasn’t familiar with.

I am grateful that I have gotten the opportunity to work at an amazing company like ICA Fund Good Jobs because the skills I have learned can be used anywhere I go and it’s not as if they can only be applied to nonprofit related jobs, so I am appreciative of the skills I’ve acquired from time I’ve gotten to work at ICA Fund Good Jobs.