Growth Strategies Starts April 28th

Spring is always an exciting time at ICA Fund Good Jobs. April is the time when we get to meet the many exciting new companies that are joining us as part of our signature small business education course, Growth Strategies. The 2017 iteration of Growth Strategies kicks off at the Lorry I Lokey School of Business and Public Policy at Mills College two weeks from today, on April 28th and we can hardly wait. 

By now you probably know that the Growth Strategies, is taught by long-time entrepreneur and educator Michael C. Bush and that it offers a practical, hands-on, and actionable curriculum for local small businesses. You’ve probably heard us refer to it as the “entry point to the ICA Fund Good Jobs network” or as a “mini-MBA” for entrepreneurs. So this time, we want to tell you a bit about some of the companies in this year’s cohort. 

Last year, the 2016 Growth Strategies cohort created and retained over 400 jobs and saw job growth increase, year over year, by close to 70%. 
Michael C. Bush teaches Growth Strategies.

Michael C. Bush teaches Growth Strategies.

There are around 50 companies joining Growth Strategies 2017, spanning a variety of industries, headquartered in a over a dozen Bay Area cities. Together companies like Apprenta, Civil Pops, Yahshi Bakes, and Courtsmith Basketball Industries, to name a few are projecting to create over hundreds of jobs. 

Growth Strategies is an integral part of our mission to educate, accelerate, and invest in local small businesses. In fact, all of the Seed Fund and Accelerator companies have gone through ICA Fund Good Jobs Education And this year, Good Jobs Accelerator companies like 4505 Meats and EBY Construction will be sending leaders from their teams to join the series. 

We look forward to keeping you up-to-date on this year’s cohort, and you can always learn more by checking out our upcoming Impact Report, and stay connected by following us social media! 

Check out this video by Growth Strategies 2017 company Courtsmith Industries.