Get on the path to funding your business.


Raising capital is hard.

Figuring out the path to raising capital for your small business is difficult. It can be hard to navigate all of the requirements, pitfalls, and steps you need to take to secure funding for your company.

That's where we come in:

On July 19th we are hosting our annual Path 2 Cash workshop. Path 2 Cash is high-value one-on-one advising with an experienced capital strategist that will allow you to see your business from an investor's perspective.

Path 2 Cash will help you:

  • improve your chances of securing a loan or equity investment for your business
  • better understand your capital need
  • understand the steps you need to take to raise capital to grow your company

How to get started:

Visit the Path 2 Cash homepage and fill out the application. The application takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. The Entrepreneur Services team will evaluate your application and get back to you. Once accepted, we will match you with an advisor based on fit and need.

You'll then prepare a package of documents ahead of the session and your advisor will review the materials. You'll come together on July 19th for an in-depth one-on-one session.

Let's get started: